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About Us

Vegetable Stand

Humble Beginnings

I love food, particularly the instant gratification kind. And we are particular, very particular. I’d ask myself, why can't I get the same great wood fired pizza in Jindabyne that I get on my travels? Why does New York have places like Roberta’s and Paulie Gee’s, while we don’t? And another thing - I just cannot settle for ordinary. That’s how 'La Famiglia' started.

I set out to create an Italian restaurant in Jindabyne where, every day, we would strive for near ‘perfect’ food. While perfection is impossible, great things can happen if you pursue it with passion. It’s that constant 'quest for perfection’ that is the essence of La Famiglia.

Great hospitality, and an unrelenting attention to detail are the cornerstones of his approach to food, and they’re values that we hold in our restaurant. Above all else though, integrity – we use only the best available produce from local and artisan suppliers,

and we will never compromise on that.

Our mission at La Famiglia is to do one thing the very best we can,

and to never give up on making it better.

Valerio Viscontini, Owner

Our Oven

Our traditional pizza oven operates at 350 degrees celsius. This allows your pizza to be cooked fresh in roughly 90 seconds . The unique charred effect combined with the smokey wood-burned aromas of the fire creates a terrific platform to cook such amazing pizzas.

Our Ingredients

We use only the finest ingredients, sourcing both our flour and tomatoes from local suppliers throughout the Snowy Mountains. We ferment our pizza dough for 48 hours which allows the key flavours to develop, and results in a light and delicious pizza base. This is all finished off with our unique flavoured toppings, giving you an amazing dining experience.

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